Potatoes have finally taken their rightful place alongside the other vegetables that have been staples of the nutrition minded. Providing as much potassium as a banana and 30% of your vitamin c for a day, they also contain fiber and vitamin B6.

Athletes are using potatoes to super charge their workouts, as well as to support their recovery. Recipes for a “potato bag” (basically a sandwich baggie potato freshie) – can now replace gels. This race potato recipe can give you a sense of feeling supported during endurance training, while giving you the needed carb count and quick absorbing energy needed.

One of the best things about potatoes is that it’s proven that kids eat more vegetables when they have potatoes on their plate!

So, please take some time and visit our recipe pages and notice that there are recipes under 200 calories. Also, there are links to the race potato recipe as well as clever ways to add other vegetables to your kids’ dinner. ;) Try the Cheesy Broccoli Potato Mash recipe!

Whatever you do, remember to embrace Powerful Potato Nutrition for a more healthful year!

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Potatoes and Sports Nutrition

More than just eating a bag of potatoes before leg day, endurance athletes around the globe and weekend warriors have discovered the nutritive value of potatoes. Potatoes can also be used for recovery, and in lieu of gels while out on the trail or during a run. 

There is also information that explains how to prepare potatoes in such a way that they can create resistant starch and have prebiotic properties.
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Explanation – WHY runners & cyclists should eat potatoes!

  • Carb count and how it aids endurance racing and addresses protein, etc. – see comments (Q&A)
    as well.
  • Gel replacement recipe! Pack along on race day or during bike ride:
  • This recipe explains that cooking and then cooling potatoes in this recipe can create resistant starch which is somewhat difficult to digest (meaning fewer carbs/can function as prebiotic):
  • Potatoes – "On the Go" food of athletes:
  • Meat and Potatoes Tempo Run